Growing blueberries from seeds

Blueberry seeds can be extracted and grown from the existing blueberries you eat every day. With just a few steps, you can avoid buying blueberry seeds and grow your own blueberry bush from seeds. Using a blender, it’s possible to easily extract all of the seeds from a few handfuls of blueberries to get you started.

Extracting seeds

The first thing to do is get your hands on blueberries that have been optimally frozen for three months. If you can’t, don’t worry, it’s not 100% needed. Fill a blender ¾ full of water and toss about a cup of berries inside. Blend for about 15 seconds. The seeds, which are heavier, will sink to the bottom after a few minutes while the pulp will be suspended in the water.

After you let the mixture settle, pour off some of the top pulp being careful to not pour out any seeds. Add more water, shake it around, and let the seeds settle back to the bottom. Repeat these steps until you can easily just grab the seeds out.
Blueberry Seeds

Germinating and transplanting

Layer a tupperware container with moist sphagnum moss. Layer the moss with the seeds and add another top layer of moss. Moisten the top layer without soaking it, just enough so it’s damp. Place the lid on and let it sit for about a month until they germinate.

Once they germinate, give them some sun. Set the container by the window until the seedlings are a couple inches tall. It’s now time to put them in pots.

Blueberry bushes thrive in sandy, loose soil. Make an even mixture of sand, soil, and peat for your pots. Remove the seedlings and place them a couple inches inside the soil being careful to avoid damaging the roots. You should put them in direct sun light, somewhere in the house. You can put them outside if it’s not too cold out.
Blueberry SeedlingAfter about a month it’s time to transplant your blueberry bushes. Make sure it’s not going to frost again this year. Frost will kill a new bush, so make sure you’re certain! Prep your soil like I discussed in this guide and plant your bush in the spot you’ve chosen.

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