Varieties of blueberry bushes

There are a ton of different blueberry bush species, all having their own positive traits. Some are better for hotter climates while some can last through harsh winters. Others are small and suitable for fruiting in a pot, others grow almost as big as small trees. Some produce sweet fruits for deserts, baking, and jams while others are less sweet. Different species are easier to grow than others as well. A lot of plants will be picky about their soil, however, others don’t require loose soil and even prefer wet soil. When picking the plant you should consider your climate and how much space you have to grow them. Here’s a list of some common varieties of blueberries.
Potted blueberry

Name Size Hardiness Ripe Season Information
Blueray 4’x5′ 4-9 Mid Bluecrop blueberry bushis the most common variety of blueberry bushes in the United States and for goodreason. It’s a very hearty plant that’s disease resistant and fairly easy to grow compared to other

species. It produces a large and high quality yield making it the choice for many gardeners.

Chandler 4’x6′ 4-9 Mid Blueray blueberry bush is perfect for climates that have extreme summers and winters. They do very good in the harsh summer heat as well as the cold winters. These plants have a high quality yield and bright pink flowers.
Bluecrop 5’x7′ 4-8 Late The Chandler blueberry bush is the biggest blueberry bush in the world – especially when it matures. However, the ripening for the berries is typically longer than other bushes. The wait is worth it though, this variety produces some extremely tasty berries.
Duke 4’x6′ 4-8 Early The Duke blueberry bush produces those perfect firm, blue, and good looking berries that everyone thinks of when you say the term blueberries. The berries produced are so heavy that the branches tend to bend towards the ground. This bush produces a nice looking orangeish yellow color.
Jersey 6’x8′ 4-7 Late The Jersey blueberry bush is another great species that is common among gardeners. It’s easy to grow because it’s not picky about soil consistency like other varieties. The fruit it produces is perfect for deserts because it’s extra sweet.
Northcountry 2’x2x’ 3-8 Early The Northcounty blueberry bush is great for people who don’t have a lot of space. This is the smallest species of blueberry out there. This strain is commonly grown by people who don’t have yard space. It will thrive in a pot and has decent yields for its size.
Northland 4’x5′ 3-7 Early The Northland blueberry bush is great for people looking for high yields. Like the name states, it’s good for the northern part of the U.S because it’s cold resistant. The extra sweet berries are good for jams and baking. The flowers produced are a nice bright yellow.
Patriot 3’x5′ 3-8 Early Another common bush for home gardeners is the Patriot blueberry bush. It’s relatively small in size and is perfect for home gardens. Unlike other strains it can be planted in many soil types and even prefers wet soil. It also looks amazing and fits in with fall foliage around it.
Rubel 4’x6′ 3-8 Mid The antioxidants craze that’s been going around makes the Rubel blueberry bush perfect for many people. These extra sweet berries are good for jams, jellies, and baked goods. It has a nice fall like appearance with red leaves.

Bush with red leaves

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