When to plant blueberry bushes

When to plant a blueberry bush depends on which type of plant you purchased from the nursery. Did you get a bare root plant or one that was potted and ready to go? Before planting your bush, make sure the soil conditions are optimal for growing blueberries. Remember the soil must be loose, sandy, and at a slightly acidic pH.

Bare roots plant

A bare roots plant is a plant that has its roots exposed when you purchased it. It’s not potted in soil like traditional plants. The best time to plant these is in early spring. I typically plant mine in either February or early March. Remember when planting a bare root plant, always soak the roots in water for up to an hour before putting it into the ground. This allows the bush to absorb water so it doesn’t die from the shock of planting.

Potted bush

Potted bushes are a little more flexible when it comes to planting. You can either plant these before winter or early spring. If you choose to plant it in the fall, you should put down a lot of mulch, especially if you get heavy snow and frost. Until the temperature starts getting below 45 degrees, the plant will continue to develop roots.
Planting blueberry bushes

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